South West Creative Technology Network

Project Description


The South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) is a £6.5 million project to expand the use of creative technologies across the south west of England. The network is offering three one-year funded programmes around the themes of Immersion, Automation and Data. We came in to document their journey in supporting a series of data prototypes. These prototypes, each with their own separate video, were:

“Be more circular” – a data visualisation and consumer empowerment tool that takes data on the true and hidden costs of materials, manufacture, usage, and end of life costs, to make more fully informed choices possible.

“Controlr” is a decentralised Data Union with a difference. The project seeks to redress the unequal power balance between data providers and big tech by enabling ordinary people to earn revenue from the data they produce.

“The Data Cargo” project is a collaboration between The Data Place Ltd and Bikespace CIC, two social enterprises based in Plymouth, which is part of a national pilot to trial electric cargo bikes to speed up and green up local goods deliveries. Our project will feature a number of local creative businesses that have signed up to participate in the pilot.

“In the Loop” is about creating better feedback loops between audiences and cultural organisations in our rural context.  Our prototype will enable the co-creation of meaningful stories of impact through a community centred approach.

“Includ” is a software prototype that helps to make marketing content more inclusive, in just a few clicks. Includ uses machine learning to evaluate both language and images and identify negative bias – whether sexist, racist or ableist.

“MindFlow” is a personalized wearable system designed to provide the user with calming, restorative audio and tactile experiences through an innovative use of their real-time physiological data.

“Pollenize” is a project focused on gathering environmental intelligence data to research and combat the drivers of insect decline and deliver public led rewilding solutions using the honeybee as a vehicle to green recovery.

“Vana” is an afforestation-with-data app Vana aims to aggregate available data (including Land Registry, Companies House, WENP, the Forestry Commission and TISCreport) to identify:




Project Details

  • Be More Circular

  • Controlr

  • In the Loop

  • Includ

  • MindFlow

  • Pollenize

  • The Data Cargo

  • Vana