Eight supports and champions new talent and is committed to being an ethical design agency.

By commissioning us you help to support our traineeship scheme, where junior creatives are mentored by experienced senior creatives to earn while they learn.

Eight creates content that has a genuinely positive impact not just for our clients, but for the rest of the world. We believe every business should care about making the world a better place, so we are leading by example.

How are we doing that?

We are proud to champion Bristol’s emerging talent and we are unapologetically focused on diversifying the creative industries. Through our unique traineeship scheme, we provide paid work opportunities for junior level creatives who are currently under-represented in the sector. By partnering our junior creatives with highly skilled and experienced senior creatives, we ensure everyone has a fair shot at building skills and experience without having to work for free.

Our Values

Eight is based at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) and is underpinned by KWMC’s values of:


recognising that in order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed, some people may need additional support – then doing what you can to make this happen


treating others with honesty, consistency and respect


not being afraid to do or think differently, and being willing to explore new perspectives and creative ways of doing things


staying faithful to your mission but having the flexibility to adapt to change


working with others to achieve a shared goal, valuing the contribution and expertise that each individual brings

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Eight Agency Lead

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Eight Creative Manager

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Eight Coordinator