Making a difference by making you content.

Eight Creative Agency was born out of a mission to change the creative industries. We tell incredible stories with our clients that, in turn, support emerging creatives who are only in their opening chapter.

Our team of expert storytellers, creatives and filmmakers adapt their approach for each project because one size never fits all. We work with cohort of trainees that are supported by a team of mentors, so that we can offer them paid experience and training that boosts their own portfolio and gives them a step up in their career.

The work we do is about giving powerful content to clients who align with our values, whilst brining them along in our mission that unapologetically aims to diversify the creative industries.

Our Values

Eight is based at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) and is underpinned by KWMC’s values of:


recognising that in order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed, some people may need additional support – then doing what you can to make this happen


treating others with honesty, consistency and respect


not being afraid to do or think differently, and being willing to explore new perspectives and creative ways of doing things


staying faithful to your mission but having the flexibility to adapt to change


working with others to achieve a shared goal, valuing the contribution and expertise that each individual brings

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Scott Piggott
Agency Lead

Cashell Smith
Project Coordinator & Creative

Scott Piggott
Agency Lead